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Mt Buller Race Club 2014 Wrap

The lifts have now stopped turning on what has been a fantastic ski season for the  Mt Buller Race Club.  Congratulations to each and everyone involved for their contribution to the success of the season. Work has already commenced on planning for the 2015 season including the new 2015 program, 2015 season calendar and new jackets for next year. To read the full 2014 MBRC Wrap Up click here.

isft. TMM FIS Slalom Events

Mt Buller Race Club and the Mt Buller Race & Events Department hosted a world-class event, which attracted the AUS Alpine National Team members as well as international athletes. Austrian Worldcup athletes Marc Digruber and Matthias Tippelreither took out the wins in the men's events, Canadian Elli Terwiel took out both wins in the female events. View the training video or read more...

MBRC Member Handbook 2014

The MBRC program is in full swing with great snow cover in the entire resort. Our coaches took advantage of the incredible free skiing/free riding conditions and explored runs which are normally not even white. Following an intensive block of technical work, the teams got also exposed to Giant Slalom gates training and some events. Click here to view the MBRC Member Handbook 2014

Training Updates

2014 MBRC Presidents Wrap

Dear MBRC Community, It has been a tumultuous time over the last few weeks as we all anxiously awaited any news on the progress of our good friend, Al, following his serious accident on Mt Buller on Saturday the 20th of September. Our thoughts are never far from Jules, Yssy and Angus as they deal with the daily ups and downs which mark the day to day progress of Al regaining his health. I am sure everyone has been and will continue to be, hopeful and positive for his ongoing recovery.

MBRC Movie 2014

The Mt Buller Race Club movie which was shown to Athletes at the club awards presentation is now available for download.

MBRC Snowboard 2014

For most of us, the season is over.  Some may stay up in Mt. Buller, for a couple more days, to enjoy spring riding and finish off with school, or work.  Some others may go for a well-deserved beach holiday.  Whatever you all are up to, make the most of it and have lots of fun.